Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders
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Carbohydrate metabolism disorders are a set of metabolic illnesses that affect the way carbohydrates are broken down. Normally, your enzymes break down carbohydrates into glucose for energy (a type of sugar). Having one of these illnesses may mean that you don’t have enough enzymes. To break down the carbohydrates in your diet. Alternatively, the enzymes may not function properly. As a result, a dangerous amount of sugar accumulates in your bloodstream. This can result in health complications, some of which are potentially life-threatening. Some of the conditions are life-threatening..

Insulin: The Effect on the Body
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Insulin is a messenger chemical that enables cells to take up glucose, a sugar, from the blood..

Diabetes Knowledge is a Must
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People with diabetes don’t have enough glucose in their bodies to utilize the sugar in the food they eat. Diabetes comes in several forms, but they are all linked by the presence of high glucose levels in the blood. Medications and/or insulin injections may be part of the treatment. Healthy living can help prevent several types of diabetes..