Birth Defect: What to Consider
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Birth defect is a disorder that occurs during the development of a baby. In the mother’s body and must be corrected. The majority of birth abnormalities occur in the first three months of pregnancy. Each year in the United States. One out of every 33 newborns is born with a congenital abnormality..

Normal Delivery and CS Delivery: The Comparison
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Normal Deliveryand CS Delivery: The goal of all women giving delivery is the same. To get the baby out as quickly as possible. The means by which we accomplish this is sometimes a matter of personal preference. And other times it is dictated by medical need..

Childbirth Problem During Pregnancy
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While still in the womb, some kids suffer issues with the way their organs and body parts develop, function, or convert food to energy. These health issues refer to as childbirth problem..