Custom Keto Diet: This is My Own Diet Plan

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I have struggled for so many years looking for the perfect diet that fits me. And now I have found what I am looking for all thanks to this new diet plan.

Before I answer that question, let me say first why other diet plans fail. Have you ever tried to lose weight by following a diet plan - focusing on certain foods while avoiding others - and had trouble sticking with it? Have you succumbed to your cravings by eating forbidden food or having a cheat day? Did you feel like you blew it or failed, which then led you to eat all of the foods your diet restricted?

If this story sounds all too familiar, you're not alone. Many Americans find themselves caught in a cycle of restrictive dieting followed by dysfunctional eating, sometimes for years.

Historically, conventional thought maintained that restricting intake and/or dieting was necessary for weight management. This might include:

  • eating less than what feels right
  • ignoring hunger cues
  • limiting yourself to only certain types of food (only protein, no carbs, etc.)
  • using exercise to burn off food

All of these are forms of external control used to influence weight. However, several large studies demonstrate that eating restraint is actually associated with weight gain over time. Because there are different factors that hindering us to succeed in losing weight such as:

Factors that hinder us sticking to our diet plan

According to the Custom Keto diet, here are some of the factors:


Diets lead to weight loss because they serve up fewer calories than most are used to. The best diets have a balancing act of their own: producing weight loss quickly enough to keep us motivated while still providing enough food that feelings of starvation don't tempt us to throw in the towel and quit.

Don't skip meals! Eat three meals a day. If needed, add one or two healthy snacks per day, so as not to feel famished.

Feeling deprived

When you're picking carrot sticks, it seems like everybody else is ordering dessert. We may feel deprived when we can't indulge on holidays, special occasions, and even ordinary, day-to-day eating occasions.

Switch your mindset. Instead of focusing on what you can't have in your diet, think about your choices as active choices that you are making to be healthier. Tell yourself you can have that food if you want it, but that you only want to choose it when it brings you the most satisfaction.

Getting discouraged

Nothing that's truly worthwhile is ever easily obtained, and weight loss is no different. When we lose weight, it's not at a steady pace. Slow-down and speed bumps along the way make us feel very discouraged that we aren't getting the results we want, especially when we are trying so hard.

Track behaviors and outcomes that you can control. The scale says what it says, but only you control your actions. Remember that the scale is not your only measure of success.

Don't rush - Meal Planning is the way to go

Meal planning is the way to go, however, people claim that they do not have the time for it

Changes to eating habits require a lot of time, however, you can plan healthy meals and divide everything up into the right portion sizes.

And to answer the question. What is Custom Keto Diet? Click on the link and get the answer we’ve all been looking for.

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